Wednesday, July 9, 2008

one down, one to go

Yesterday my oldest son graduated from high school. Wow , how time flies. I've got to tell you about this.....

We had a haircut issue. For some reason, Marty wants to have an afro. Well, everyone but him thinks he looks so much better with a fade. That was our first challenge. Can you image an afro on a green bean? Let me explain- Marty had to have a money green suit, well of course most stores don't carry that color so LIME GREEN was his next choice. But wait, I've got to tell you about the cuff links. The suit had hints of blue so he had blue, king crown cufflinks. That's right. I think he watches too many 70's movies. LOL

Now to the good part. The actual commencement was lovely. I cried 3 times-once when he walked out to the senior section, then as the choir sang Marvin Sapp's 'I never could've made it' and lastly, as he received the diploma. But I wasn't the only one. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Even my husband was caught wiping away tears.

Well, one down one to go. Only 10 more years!!!! Zaria is only in the 2nd grade:(