Sunday, January 10, 2016

Should You Reward Your Kids For Getting Good Grades?

For the last five years, I have been rewarding girls for earning good grades through my annual Princess Ball. My daughter Zaria receives monetary compensation from my sister-in -law for earning good grades. $10 for every A and $5 for every B. She has been receiving this since 3rd grade. My husband and I normally take Zaria to her favorite restaurant after she receives her report card. Zaria has been on the honor roll since 3rd grade and has also been inducted in the National Junior Honor Society, but sometimes children need an incentive. Today, I read a Facebook post from a friend who has a detailed monetary  reward system for his 9th grade daughter. Let me know what you think. Too much? Not enough? Unnecessary?

Grade Guidelines per Class:
Each “A” per Semester equals $20
Each “B” per Semester equals $10
Each “C” per Semester equals ZERO
Each “D” (and you better not have any) equals a SUBTRACTION of $50
Each “F” and no money will be rewarded for any class as the award is that you get to keep your life
GPA Guidelines per Semester:
3.8 – 4.0 GPA per Semester will equal a $250 Bonus
3.4 – 3.7 GPA per Semester will equal a $150 Bonus
3.0 – 3.3 GPA per Semester will equal a $100 Bonus
Anything under a 3.0 GPA will result in a deduction of $50 over your entire semester reward
Attendance Guidelines per Semester:
You are only allowed three tardies combined for the entire semester, otherwise a $2.50 reduction will apply for each successive tardy.
National Honor Society (NHS):
If you make the NHS you will be rewarded a performance bonus of $100
Honors Courses:
Each “A” per Semester earns an additional $20
Each “B” per Semester earns an additional $10
No additional award given for anything lower than a “B".

Student Council:
If you choose to participate on the student council and/or other school organizations that foster leadership a bonus of $50 will be rewarded. This does not include dance classes.
Behavior and Ethics:
You will treat your educators (teachers) and classmates with respect. No sass or backtalk. Any trips to the Principals office and/or commentary during parent teacher conference that suggest otherwise may result in a reduction of award as appropriate by me. There will be no negotiation on this rule.
Summer School (Penalty):
If you have to attend any summer school classes the cost will be deducted from any reward. Just so you know, the average summer school cost per class is $125.
Based on the above, your incentive will be computed and rewarded to you within approximately two weeks after final report card grading has been received.

I personally love this system and plan to implement it with Princess Zaria as she is a 9th grader, as well. Elementary and Middle school parents could tweak it to meet their own family or financial structures.
What do you think about using this type of system to encourage your child(ren) to succeed?