Monday, August 6, 2012

Back To School.......for both of us!

This September, Zaria will be in middle school. I am both excited and nervous. She will meet all new friends and she will meet all new friends! In elementary school, the kids moved from each grade together. The classmates she had in 2nd grade are the same she had in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Unfortunately, no one from her elementary school will be going to her middle school. She will meet all new friends and new teachers. I do think it will be a good fit for her, though. The middle school focuses on performing arts and Zaria is very artsy. This year she plans to take drama lessons and register in fashion design courses.

Zaria is not the only one taking classes this semester. I have enrolled for Fall classes, as well. It was easier when she was in elementary school. I think it may be more intense since we both will have extensive homework. I'm up for the challenge, though. I vowed that this time I would complete school and receive my degree in Human Services.

Is anyone else anxious about the upcoming school year? Why? Please share. Let's help each other through this process.