Monday, June 4, 2012

A Decade of Birthdays

Zaria will be 11 years old in a few weeks. Yesterday, my husband and I were reminiscing about past birthdays. I encourage you to take this challenge. The first five birthdays and the 10th were easy to remember but the 6th, 7th, and 8th required more thought. I thought I would share her celebrations with my readers: 1st Birthday- We celebrated at Major Magic's Revue(unfortunately it has closed). It was none other than a Princess Party. Who knew, right? LOL 2nd Birthday-Elmo themed. We had a traditional old school party at home and invited a costumed Elmo to entertain Zaria and guests. Zaria slept through most of the party :( 3rd Birthday- We celebrated at Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park. She enjoyed the water rides the best. 4th Birthday was almost non-existent. Zaria had a fever of 103. She was basically comatose. We tried to get her to take a bite of a cupcake but it didn't work :( 5th Birthday- Today was Zaria's first salon appointment. We treated her to Harold's Place Hair Salon for kids. Her party took place a CiCi's Pizza buffet. Later we had cake and icecream over her grandparents. This is where it gets fuzzy..... I will say that every year Zaria attends the Macy's/Target Fireworks in Detroit. It has a symbolic meaning. In 2001, Zaria was born on June 27 Fireworks Day in Detroit. She celebrates with family every year. Most years the fireworks fell on her birthday or the day or two after. 6th Birthday- We celebrated at Caesarland. I think that place has closed too. It is an indoor carnival much like Chuck E Cheese's. 7th Birthday- This was a long day. We took Zaria out to breakfast then to The Detroit Zoo afterwards shopping at Toys R Us. Then we picked up her cake and ice cream went back home and fell asleep! LOL. 8th?- That's bad, isn't it. We just can't remember her 8th birthday. 9th- Small birthday celebration at grandparents. Cake and ice cream 10th- Ice Cream Party at Susie Q Ice Cream in Allen Park. This was her first real birthday party since her 6th at Caesarland. We don't know what this year will hold. Thinking about a skating party. Can you recall your kids' birthday celebrations? I would like to know how you celebrated.