Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Has Changed or has it?

Do you remember Halloween in the late 70's early 80's? We used to have real big fun. Do you remember bobbing for apples? And all that candy. We didn't have to go to the police station and have it scanned. We knew our neighbors and our neighborhood. When we couldn't afford costumes , our parents used make-up and we weren't teased. We had nice costumes and scary ones, too.

Fast forward to 2009....

Last year a child got shot trick or treating. This week when I went costume shopping, many of the costumes were too grown for my daughter. There were naughty nurses, freaky fairy's and not to mention unlawful officers. What's a mom to do?

Share with me what your take is on the present state of Halloween.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Christmas List

When I was over my Nana's and Papa's house last weekend, they asked me to write a Christmas List and a letter to Santa Claus. Here is my letter:

Dear Santa Claus,

I would like roller skates, Baby Alive, chapter books, learning books, Jack-in-the-box, a purse, diary, mini-laptop, disney magazine, DS, PSP, DS Set, Mario games, Sonic Games, , $5000, Heely's, Demi Lovato cd, Selena Gomez cd, and a pool.

I'm going to make you some cookies like I did last year.


Zaria Pope

What do you want for Christmas?

Friday, October 9, 2009

She's So Sensitive

We haven't blogged in a few days but after last night I had to tell somebody. My daughter, Zaria, is so sensitive and emotional. I'll tell you what happened last night in a moment.

A few months ago while over her grandparents, Zaria witnessed one of the kids get a leg caught in the couch. (it happened to me before when I was younger and probably many others). Well, Zaria was so upset. I think she thought the little girl would break her leg or something. As the girl calmly struggled, Zaria violently cried. Even after the child was 'free' , Zaria could not be consoled for over an hour.

Another instance.... My husband got pulled over by the police(while driving black) in Dearborn. Zaria was with him (they had been shopping for a dress for the Father/Daughter Dance.) Just the thought of them possibly taking my husband away to jail sent her into hysterics. The police felt so bad that they apologized, profusely, to Zaria.

There are others but finally the reason for the post:
Last night Zaria went skating almost straight from school. Before leaving for the rink, she left her bookbag at my in-laws house. Suffice to say, from all the excitement she forgot it. Well, after she gets home and realizes what she had done it was as if the world was coming to an end.
Mama: " Did you fall and hurt yourself, Zaria?"
Zaria:"Yeah, sniff sniff but that's not it."
Mama: "Did anyone hurt you or was anyone mean?"
Zaria: While bauling, "No."
Mama: Did they not want to play with you because you're just learning?
Zaria: "NO. THAT'S NOT IT?
Mama: Well, Zaria what's wrong why are you crying? I can't understand between your screams. Calm down and tell me what happened?"

Now this is the kicker....

Zaria: "I left my bookbag over Nana and Papa's house. My homework was in it. Now I'm gonna fail 4th grade! Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Can you believe it? Share your kid's sensitive moment if any.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Very Proud Day

"I am very pleased to announce....." were the words that accompanied the letter that said Zaria was selected for her school's choir. Last year, Zaria was not selected. I think she purposely tried to fail the audition. See, Zaria is very shy but I'm trying to break her of that. Her dad told her that she should give it her best shot, so she did. I mean, she's always singing and dancing around the house. She sings all kinds of songs, even Rock n Roll!

Zaria's favorite(adult video) is Dreamgirls. She knows all of the parts and even tries to sing in two and 3 part harmony( that's very difficult for one person. Almost impossible!) I am so proud of Princess Zaria. So proud that tomorrow we will celebrate with cake and icecream. Zaria's favorite is chocolate icecream with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, Did I say she likes chocolate:) ?

The first performance is the holiday program. I can't wait. What was one of your proudest moments as a parent?

I wish I had a laptop

I wish I had a laptop because I have to share our one computer. That's why I need a laptop. I'm going to play games and do serious stuff to. I want a pink laptop. The games I like to play are Sonic,Mario, girlsgogames, girlgames1 and That's why I want a laptop.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What are we having for dinner?

OK. I'm not cooking tonight. I'm so tired of hearing "What's for dinner?" After working all week, I want a no-dinner break. I do feel bad because as a parent I have to feed my daughter but who says I have to cook it. October is National Pizza Month so I think I'll order a pizza to celebrate. Anyway, I get tired of cooking the same ole thing. How many times can you cook chicken and not start looking like one? It's not that I don't like chicken but I've fried it, broiled it, boiled it, baked it and it's still chicken!

I gave up red meat years ago but there are so just many things you can make with ground turkey or fish. You know , I don't think it's the food at all. I just don't want to cook tonight. I was watching the Travel Channel the other day and it's a condo cruise ship that have chefs cook for the owners. That's what I want . I want a personal chef. And a personal housekeeper. And a personal assistant.

Wow, it's Friday and I don't want to do anything!

What are you cooking tonight?

Third Grade is Hard

I am in the 3rd grade now. It is hard. I'm doing good. I haven't gotten any bad grades yet but I have lots of homework. Yesterday, I had homework in Vocabulary, Science and Music. My mommy told me 3rd grade would get more challenging. Oh yeah, my mommy even told my teacher that she wanted her to give me more challenging spelling words. I think I hate that word----challenging. I'm a little nervous because I have 3 tests today. We're practicing for the MEAP test, too. I heard that this is a very important test.

My mommy told me that writing this blog would help me with my vocabulary. She said it would help me write paragraphs and learn about topics and stuff. I'm learning where to put commas, too. It helps that my mom is an author.

If any kids read this I wish they would tell me what they like or don't like about 3rd grade.