Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Ready For School

Princess Zaria will be starting Second grade in 4 days. She's very excited and a little nervous. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to this experience. Although, I'm thinking about changing schools. Shhhh, don't tell her yet! I am looking at Chrysler Elementary as an option. It is a drive for us but I think it is worth it. Chrysler has foreign language-her school doesn't. Chrysler has high academic awards through Skillman- her school, not so much. Chrysler has latchkey-nada again. I think I really like Chrysler because it has a journalism focus. She'd be following in my footsteps:) But really, Zaria earned all A's in first grade. The coursework seemed very easy to her and I just want her to be challenged a little. What do you think? If anyone has experience or knows someone with experience with Chrysler, feel free to leave a comment.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I used to view online contests as gimmicks. I thought, "I'll never win. They already have decided the winner. It's a trick." I have to say I don't believe that anymore. Within the last two weeks, I have won 2 contests.

Last week, I won 4 passes to the premiere of "The Longshots" with Ice Cube and KeKe Palmer. Today, I ws sent an email that I won the new Veggie Tales DVD from My Princess Zaria will love it!

My advice to everyone is take a chance. You just may win. What have you to lose? YOU may even win movie passes or an entertaining DVD:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Glam For The Gala

Hey Everyone,

I haven't posted in awhile. I've been so busy getting ready for The Detroit Literary Empowerment Gala. I have secured so much media coverage for the event...It's going to be spectacular. Besides that, I've been working on my image. I still haven't decided how I will have my hair--an updo with accesories or down with curls. I have, though, found my gown. Let me tell you about it. Well, it's... no I'm not gonna tell. You have to come to the gala to see. But I've gotta tell you about the shoes. They have the cutest, nope--I'm not going tell you that either. Again, you'll see at the gala. In case you haven't noticed, this is a tease so you will attend the gala. This I will share, though. My nails and eyelashes will be......

To be continued----at the Gala!!!!