Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top 10 in 2010

Several years ago, maybe 15, before I met my gorgeous, loveable and handsome hubby I had a crush on a guy(who turned out to be a loser). Someone once told me that guys liked flowers, too. I decided to purchse a half dozen roses for my crush. At the time, I didn't have a car so I guess you'd have called me a female scrub(of TLC fame) LOL.


I walked to a neighborhood or 'hood' florist shop to purchase the roses. When I arrived, many of the flowers were wilted or dead. The owner wore a moo-moo/nightgown and house slippers. Her son was the clerk. The kid was all of 7 and didn't know how to ring a sale. Bad customer service all the way around.

I vowed that I would never patronize another black-owned "hood" business.

Again, that was several years ago. Years before I met real business owners. Business owners who value their customers. Those that give friendly service with a smile. Owners who teach their children proper business practices. Business owners that dress for success. Many of the very people who own businesses in 'the hood.'

Today as I celebrate the fourth Kwanzaa principle: Ujamaa-Cooperative Economics
To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together
I would like to highlight 10 small or homebased businesses(not all are black owned but all are worthy to be recognized)that exude professionalism and exemplary service. These businesses are those that I've visited online, via telephone or in person.

My top 10 in 2010 are.... Drum roll please:

1. The Bel-Air 10 Theatre

2. Ladel's Book Store and Boutique
It has since closed but it was a great place for books and children's events

3. My Girly Party

4.City Talk Magazine
Detroit's Urban Community Source

5. Dr. Yakini Etheridge of The Prissy Mommy Chronicles

6. Lynette Jones of Perfect Presence Event Planning and Consulting

7.Tim Miller of Miller Design Studio

8.Afropuffs and Ponytails
Website Inspiring African American Girls

9. Detroit Impact Center
Servicing Metro Detroit's Children

10. Monica Marie Jones of The Literary Loft, LLC
Inspiring and motivating the nation with weekly newsletters, captivating books and an informational radio show

Yes, there are sooooo many others that I could have named and I will feature more in 2011. For now, the remainder of 2010, check out these 10 businesses and you'll see why they are MY top 10.

What are some of the businesses that are the bees knees in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What's In a Name?

I know most bloggers are posting about holiday themes or possibly New Year resolutions but I like to go against the grain, sometimes. LOL. A few days ago my daughter was sick-very sick with a re-occuring high temperature. She had chills and a stuffy, and most times, runny nose. It got so bad that at -home remedies no longer worked so I took her to see a doctor. While at the doctor's office, a conversation began. A conversation that always begins when I share the origin of Zaria's name.

Zaria's name means Princess but honestly I didn't know that when I named her. There was a show several years ago that I loved called 'The Parenthood.' The daughter on that show was named Zaria. I fell in love with the name and vowed to myself that when I had a daughter I would name her Zaria. That's before I was married and my hubby had other ideas. Zaria was almost 'Jessica.' But I won that battle :)

After talking with the doctor, I started to think about other names that have unique stories behind them. Names that are spelled differently. Names that are unisex. Names that are only ONE LETTER LONG! That's right. I heard that someone named their child the letter B. I thought that was so different and even cool when I heard the story behind it. The mom let her other children name the sibling :)

When I was growing up, I had a neighbor named Demassius. He told me that it was from The Bible. My husband's name is Lary(spelled with one r). My oldest son's name is Kondace but his nickname is Marty(there is a real interesting story behind that. I will share in a future post. I promise). I have a nephew named Sincere. Don't ask! LOL.

So, I ask: Do you have a unique spelling for your child's name? Did you have a childhood friend with a quirky name or nickname? Is there an interesting story behind your name?

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Things

Hi Everybody! This is Zaria. I have been really sick for a few days but I have been reading my moms posts and everybody's comments. Christmas is coming up and I started to think about some of my favorite things. Not toys or clothes but places I like to go and people I like. It's kinda like when me and my mama watch Oprah. I made a list of 10 things because it is 2010. Tell me which ones you like:

1. China Town Buffet in Dearborn, MI is my favorite restaurant.

2. Panda Buffet in Westland is my 2nd favorite restaurant.

3. Hannah Montana is my favorite singer/actress.

4. Selena Gomez is another favorite singer/actress of mine.

5. Justin Bieber-well, what else can I say?!

6. Easy Bake Oven was my favorite Christmas present.

7. Jonas Brothers is my favorite singing group.

8. I love coloring book.

9. I like different colors.

10. I really loves cell phones. I really want a pink Blackberry cell phone by Verizon Wireless.

What are your favorite things?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kids on Facebook? Do you agree or Disagree?

Princess Zaria has been ill for the last few days. Between blowing her nose, taking medicine, sleeping and feeling BLAH-she has been on FACEBOOK. Some of my friends and family don't feel like she should be on Facebook. I rather her be on Facebook, than FaceBook For Kids....those kids are so brutal. LOL. Anyhoo, I guess I understand where everyone is coming from but I definitely monitor her page.

Daily, I check out what is going out and what is coming in. If there is a 'friend' that is spewing vulgar or inappropriate material, I make her delete him/her. Recently, I made her delete her 20 year old brother. He was saying things that were too delicate for her princess ears. Zaria 'likes' generic pages like Disney, Skittles, and HIP Hop Harry. She 'friends' her classmates and family members. She listens to YouTube videos from Justin Bieber, Willow and Cymphonique. What's so wrong about that?

Honestly, I use Facebook to network and connect with friends and she does too. There has been so many well wishes coming through her FaceBook page(mostly from close friends and relatives). I don't see anything wrong with it if is frequently monitored by ME. I definitely would like feedback on this. Do you think youngsters should be allowed to have a FaceBook page? Why or Why Not?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are Christmas Cards Obsolete?

I love this time of year. Christmas decorations, gifts, snow and Christmas Cards. Only, this year I haven't received many. Are sending Christmas Cards a thing of the past? How many cards did you send/receive this year? As a child, I remember my parents receiving dozens of cards. My mom used to hang them along the perimeter of the walls. But today so many people are getting away from this tradition. Technology has made it so convenient to send e-cards, FaceBook messages or Tweets. I may be an old soul but I love the look and feel of Christmas Cards.

What are some of your favorite Christmas cards designs: ones with Santa, the words: Season's Greetings, reindeer, snowflakes, etc?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 Random Facts About Me

As 2010 is coming to an end, I thought I would share some random and interesting facts about myself. A lot of times when you visit blogs, you really don't get a true feel of who the blogger is so I would like to give you a glimpse of who Cheryl Lynn Pope, Mommy Blogger really is. This is the abbreviated version I shared with my faceBook friends. Here goes:

1. My favorite guilty pleasure is icecream. (I really like Sanders Butter Pecan. They have real pecan halves. yummy.)

2. My favorite movies are: My Best Friend's Wedding, Love Jones, and The Mirror Has Two Faces. (The first and 3rd really are tear jerkers for me)

3. I used to rap when I was a teen-ager. My name was Rappin C. Here's an excerpt: ' I'm rappin C and my bod is boomin'. Get with me and stop assumin.' All my raps, you say are dead, they're not dead they're from my head. What about you, who bite from Run , you should get fresh and get you some. Perpetratin rapper is written on your face. You rap so bad you are a disgrace. You don't even rhyme when you try to bust a rap. Maybe that's why you're full of crap. You wouldn't know a rhyme if I read it in your face. Step to me and i'll put you i your place. You think you're educated but you really not..... (I well I forgot the rest. Surprised that i remembered that much. LOL.)

4. I lived in the same house for 26 years. (Moved in 1996 after my mom passed.)

5. I've never been on a train.

6. I married a great guy I met in middle school. We lived around the block from each other.

7. I have 2 kids. A 20 year old and a 9 year old.

8. I interviewed Famous Amos and Adam Sandler when i worked in radio.

9. I dabble in publicity for authors and I'm really good. (I was able to get my latest client featured on FOX 2 and MSNBC just to name a few.)

10. God is the reason for all my successes. I really love HIM.

Did you know any of these things? Share some random facts with me.