Friday, November 26, 2010

Everyone Feels Blue Sometimes

It's so funny but everyone that knows me always sees me with a smile on my face or a cheery disposition. My former employer used to call me 'Little Miss Sunshine.' I've had co-workers ask "Why are you so happy?(when everything around was falling to pieces). I definitely choose my battles. I don't let every challenging situation get me down but I am, of course, only human. I do feel blue sometime.

I know this is the Thanksgiving holiday and it's the time for giving thanks and being grateful for everything I have(shelter, family, health,etc.) and I am thankful for those things and more. But again, I am only human and I sometimes reflect on my lack. I would love to live in a better home/better neighborhood, be able to pay my bills on time or before time, be healthier(could stand to lose a few pounds) and I would love it if my mom was still around to share my successes.

You know, I guess that is what this 'pity' blog is all about.


Sometimes I am so envious of my friends and colleagues. Those who have had great successes recently were able to share them with their moms. If they launched a book;their mom was there. If they won an award; their mom was there. If they gave birth; their mom was there. If they were featured in the news; their mom was there.

See where I'm going with this? I've had some major successes happen to me recently and I would love to share them with my mom ----So sometimes I feel melancholy.

Just bare with me. I should be back to my old cheery self tomorrow. Just venting I guess.

Do you ever feel gloomy? What do you do to snap out of it?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

I am proud to announce that today is my husband's birthday. I normally don't include posts about my husband in the blog but this time I had to. We have celebrated about 12 birthdays together and each time feels like the first. I don't understand why some people don't celebrate their birthday(aside from religious beliefs). Birthdays are the anniversary of your birth. That should be cause for celebration.

My husband is and has been the greatest. He is an excellent dad, too. He supports my dreams and vision. He gives me brutally honest feedback when I need it. He supports his family, sometimes by working two jobs to get us what we need and want. I just wanted to celebrate him today by saying 'I appreciate you.'

The other night we were discussing some past gifts that I'd given him. My husband attended Suomi College and before we married he would also share about the fun he had at Suomi. "We did.... It was so much fun when..... I will never forget the time...." He loved his experience at Suomi but for some reason he didn't have any college memorabilia. So I surprised him. I would ask him things like where was Suomi located? Was that in upper Michgan(doing my investigative research). I called Suomi in Hancock MI and ordered him a Suomi T-Shirt. He loved it!

He also likes bowling and one year I got him a bowling ball. He called all his friends that night. The next year, a pool stick. Oh boy was he happy. This year I'm giving him the gift of appreciation(sounds cheap doesn't it?)

It's not if you think of it. So often we take our spouses for granted. We feel comfort in the fact that they are supposed to do this or that. And they are but we should feel grateful and happy because some spouses don't do the same. So this year, I will show my gratitude and appreciation.

Happy Birthday to all those who are celebrating birthdays today and in the month of November. How do you celebrate?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teach Your Kids To 'Do The Amiya'

This post is prompted by an 11 -year old Detroit business owner named Amiya Alexander. While taking dance lessons, she observed that some of her friends were unable to. Their parents couldn't afford the classes and/or were unable to get to the classes. After bringing this to her mother's attention, she drafted a design of a vehicle and a plan that would allow her friends and others to enjoy convenient, affordable lessons. Amiyah had a dream and a goal. (They are different, you know). Amiya's story below:

I am encouraging all parents to set goals for themselves so their children can witness goal-setting first hand. Take this process a step further and have a dream/goal-setting session with your child(ren). On the way to school this morning, I shared with Princess Zaria that I was going to begin taking classes again in the winter to pursue my goal of higher education. We had a long talk about college(or as long as the ride to school was). She asked why I wanted to go back to college, what classes I needed to take and why I hadn't finished yet? This was the beginning of the dialogue for a teachable moment. After the conversation, I looked to my right and noticed that Zaria was in deep reflection. LOL. Imagine that!

So I asked, "Zaria, what are you thinking about?"

Zaria: Can you take two main classes in college?

Me: Yes, that is called a double major or a dual major.

Zaria: What about three?

Me: I had a friend who thought about a triple major.

Zaria: That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to major in Art, Drama and Dance.

Me: That's called a triple threat, Zaria, and I'm going to help you make that happen.

What are you imparting in your child's life? Are you helping them to set goals and realize their dreams?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No TV for a Month?

Sounds like a punishment, right? But it isn't. Several months ago, the government issued digital boxes to those who didn't own digital tv's. We were one of those families. A few weeks ago, the box expired, broke, went off line---basically The Pope Family had no access to a television. At first it was hard. We watched DVD's all weekend(the box went out on a Friday evening). Princess Zaria and I watched Dreamgirls until she was able to act out all the parts. I can't hear 'Step into the Bad Side' without rolling my eyes. LOL.

We exhausted all of our dvd's in a little less than a week. Then, we started borrowing movies. We have a box full of VHS movies but who has the antique equipment to play the movies???? After watching movies, we began playing board games. We played Scrabble, Taboo, Uno, Sorry even DVD Disney Bingo. Things started getting easier. We began talking more. How was your day today led to full fledge family discussions. We talked about school, work, friends, favorite foods, etc. Sometimes, I don't miss the tv as much.

When I was in high school, I had a teacher (Mr. Glass) who proudly claimed that he didn't own a tv. I think he called it the 'boob tube' or something weird like that. He said that he used the time to read or travel. I was skeptical back then and thought "How could anyone not own a tv-on purpose?" Well, as I'm older I see. Now, I'm not saying we won't get another box or purchase a digital tv but it has been an eye-opening experience.

The next time you hear a media campaign urging viewers to turn off the tv for a day, try it. Try it for a week or even a month. It will, at the least, bring your family closer.

Do you think you could go with television for a week?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's For Breakfast?

I guess, maybe, I'm hungry. While researching other blogs my stomach started growling. It actually made me think about my childhood. When I was younger, my mom used to cook us a hot breakfast complete with pancakes, sausage, eggs, grits, toast and juice. To be truthful, I really don't like breakfast food but I could go for my childhood breakfast right now.

Then I thought: Zaria does not have those many memories of a hot breakfast. Everything is rushed. We're hurrying for school so she'll grab a pop-tart. Most times she will just have a bowl of cereal and juice. Sometimes on those rare occasions when I feel like it, I will cook grilled cheese and sausage. Man, the more i write about this the more I feel like a heel. I should start getting up an hour early and prepare a good nutritious hot breakfast like my mom did.

But wait, my mom was a stay-at-home mom. She didn't work(until we were older) She didn't own a business. She didn't manage a nonprofit. She didn't plan regular children events. She didn't attend networking functions. She didn't drive. She didn't chaffeur us to after-school and Saturday events.

She had time to make a hot breakfast.

What's your excuse for not cooking breakfast? LOL

Thursday, November 4, 2010

She Loves Books But Justin Bieber is her Favorite

About a month ago, Zaria brought home one of those Scholastic Book Forms. You remember those? It's the one that has about 50+ book descriptions with cover pics. Well, Zaria picked her 4 book choices right away....a month ago. Everyday since then she's been reminding me that I have to give her $12.00 for the books. "OK Zaria. I'll give it to you when it's due."

Today it was due. Last night she says that I need to give her the book money. Well, the thing is I had some unexpected things come up so we had to limit the book purchase from 4 to 1. She didn't like that at all. "Ok. But we're having a book sale at my school this week, too. How many books can I get there?

"Look, I say. Either you are going to order the books from this form or buy one at the book sale at school, not both.(In my sternest mommy voice, if you can believe that. LOL). She decided to order the book.

Finaly, I say "What book did you decide on?" Thinking maybe she would have selected the book on magic tricks(she loves to watch magic shows) No. Maybe the book on The Purple Princess, after all she is Princess Zaria. No, not that one either. "Well, I guess you want that scary book since Halloween was last week." No, not that one either.

Out of all the books in that catalog, Zaria decided on " The Justin Bieber Quiz Book." Everything You Ever Want To Know About Justin Bieber

Go Figure. LOL

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Halloween

Hi everyone,
It's me, Zaria.
Halloweeen was October 31, 2010. How was your Halloween? Mine was fun. I had a lot of candy but I did not eat it when I first got it. I didn't know if it was bad or good. I'm smart. I went trick -or-treating with my cousins. I was Dorothy (From The Wizard of Oz/ The Wiz). When my auntie took me home I was very sleepy. My feet were hurting from me running and walking. I fell right to sleep. What did you do for Halloween?