Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Upcoming Contests

Royalty Industries and The Princess Zaria Fan Club are launching three contests for children age 10 and under:

Name the next Princess Series

Children 10 and under are encouraged to enter The Name the Next Princess Series. As I'm in the process of writing my third book, I'm stuck on the title. The theme of the book is about Princess Zaria entering a school spelling bee. The entry with the winning title will receive a dedication in the book, a certificate and a variety of gift cards which will include one from Toys R Us. The contest is open to citizens of the United States only. Respond via email at . Winner will be announced May 30, 2010.

I Love My Mom Contest

This is a Mother's Day Contest. Children age 10 and under will send a 250 word or more essay detailing why they love their mom. Boys and Girls may enter and explain what makes their mom special. Does she pack you a special lunch with love notes? Maybe she reads to you every night. The student with the winning essay will receive a gift certificate to Applebees along with a special surprise for mom. The contest is open to citizens of the United States only. Respond via email at The Winner will be announced on April 25, 2010.

I Love My Dad Contest will be announced soon. Good Luck!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celebrate Dads

February is Fatherhood Awareness Month. I'm so glad dads are getting a special day(besides Father's Day). A lot of dads get a bad rap but there are a ton of dads doing a great job! Although this is a mommy blog, I want to share a story about my dad. When I was younger, I had problems in math. I'm still not a whiz but i get by:) My worst challenge was fractions. I just could not get it. I was getting C's in Math and I think that was only because I was a good student. I didn't give the teacher any problems.

My dad saw that I was struggling and even though he only had an 8th grade education, he was a mathematical genius! He tutored me endlessly. My dad worked in the factory on the afternoon shift so he was not home when I came home from school but my practice fractions were. He would leave about 10 problems for me to complete and when he got home after midnight he would check them and reassign more. I passed my fifth grade math class because of my daddy.

There are a lot of dads that are doing wonderful things in their homes, church and communities. Celebrate them. If you have or know a dad , tell him he's doing a wonderful job. Share with us your wonderful dad stories.