Monday, February 23, 2009

Magic Ball

Remember the childhood toy, The Magic Ball. It resembles the black ball of pool. You ask it a question and shake it. It then gives you the 'magical ' answer. Well, Princess Zaria received one yesterday. She's been shaking and asking questions for two days. Imagine this, " Will I be a ninja?" answer: Without a doubt. "Will I get an increase in allowance?" Answer: With great certainty. "Will I get a cold like my daddy?" Answer: Cannot answer at this time.

The result: Princess Zaria is a wealthy ninja who may catch a cold soon.

If you had a magic ball, what would you ask?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Princess Zaria Invents a Simple Machine

Just in time for Black History Month, Princess Zaria becomes an inventor. Well, sort of. As homework for her DAPCEP class, Zaria improved upon the lever. She wrapped a ruler(the simple machine) in High School Musical wrapping paper and she used a thick children's dictionary as the object. She lifted the book by using the lever to demonstrate how her simple machine worked. Ordinarily, Princess Zaria uses the help of the villagers around the castle to help her but this time she wanted to do things for herself. Share your inventions with Princess Zaria and The Royal Family.