Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best is Yet to Come

Happy New Year! It's 2013 and The Real Princess Zaria and Mommy Blog is re-committing itself. The Real Princess Zaria will begin making posts this month. She will share about how it feels to be in middle school, her experiences in fashion design and drama. As a mommy blogger, I will share my experiences as a mom, wife and business person. It's important for me to share with my readers that it is not easy to multi- task but it is achievable and very rewarding. We also plan to host monthly contests and product reviews. To that end, we will do quite a bit of vlogging(video blogging) to connect to you.

We will connect you to our other services, as well. You will learn the benefits of The Princess Zaria Fan Club. You are also invited to nominate your daughters as features of the Princess of the month profile. You will be invited to shop at the upcoming online and store front where you will be able to purchase a variety of princess products. You will learn about our various 'girly' events such as The Ice Blue Enchanted Princess Ball, The Masquerade Chocolate Party and other mini-events.

Buckle Up..... because the best is yet to come.

How are you recommitting in 2013?