Thursday, June 20, 2013

June is National Candy Month

Today we are celebrating National Candy Month by purchasing a few of our favorite candies.  Princess Zaria's favorite candy is anything chocolate although she prefers milk chocolate over dark. My favorite is all fruity candies although I do enjoy chocolate candies with nuts and caramel. I guess I even gravitate to people who love candy, too. My best friend loves candy so much that people nicknamed her  Candie when we were kids. My husband, also,  loves candy. His favorite is Skor and Heath Bars. While celebrating this sweet holiday, I am remembering my favorite candies of my childhood. These include Slowpoke, Mary Jane, Now and Laters, Snickers, Almond Joy and Skittles.

What is your favorite candy? How will you celebrate National Candy Month?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't Play With Your Food! Really???

I am so excited to be hosting a cookie decorating party with the princesses of the Princess Zaria Fan Club. This event was one that had been postponed earlier this year because of the Princess Ball. Members of the PZ Club are the special guests(it's a members only event). Princess Zaria and I have been so busy purchasing the decorations for the event-sprinkles, frosting, decorations, etc. The girls will have some much fun playing with their food. LOL.

Why did I choose to host a cookie decorating party? Two reasons: I've always wanted to go to a cookie party but never knew anyone that had one and, two, I wanted to give the girls something different to do.

Have you ever been to a cookie party? What do you think would make this event really fun?