Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girls Living Their Dreams

It seems like forever since I updated this blog. To say I've been busy would be an understatement but I just had to write about The Real Princess Zaria's summer experience. She went back to school a couple weeks ago so she is extremely bogged down with school work. It's a good thing, though. She's a fifth grader now, but I digress.....

In August, Zaria attended two awesome events!

I was fortunate to escort her to The Girlapalooza 2011 event which featured a meet and greet with Camille Winbush 'Nessa' of The Bernie Mac Show. Camille was so humble and she shared great tips and advice with the girls. The Girlapalooza Mother-Daughter Tea was fantastic! The girls were treated to an innovative 'green' fashion show, poetry, live music performances and self-esteem building talks.

Later that month, we attended The Pretty Brown Girl Movement. A powerful launch that highlights pretty brown girls from all over the country. 12 year old, Amiya Anderson, owner of Amiya's Mobile Dance Academy, graced the girls with an original poem sharing her story of success.

Zaria was ecstatic to see girls who looked like her doing dynamic things. I think she was so inspired that she decided to attend an audition for a local play.

My wish is that all girls, young and all, would live their dreams.

What are you dreaming?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Zaria's First Sleepover

Many of my friends know how protective of my kids I am, especially Zaria. Some may even say overprotective-oh well. A few weeks ago, Zaria brought home a birthday party invitation with a sleepover theme. Here's where the drama unfolds.......

Zaria gives me a birthday party invitation for a slumber party. I tell Zaria that she can go to the party portion but she couldn't sleepover/spend the night. Anyone that knows Zaria knows how sensitive she is so se begins to cry(but I stick to my guns-for the time being). She tells me that many of her class friends will be there. She says that Lauren(the birthday girl) didn't invite all the girls in the class-just the cool and popular ones. I still say NO.

As time passes, we have to decide what present we are getting Lauren. Zaria decides on a BFF necklace because obviously Lauren is one of Zaria's newest best friends. (Oh brother). She asks did I change my mind and can she sleepover. I say no. My husband is in earshot of the conversation now. I tell Zaria that society is not the same as it used to be. I go over good and bad touch with her. I explain that I would have to literally kill someone if they hurt her and so on and so on....

Later, my husband has a long talk with me. He says that he doesn't want Zaria to be timid and afraid of the world. He wants her to experience fun with friends and have a childhood that she can look back on and say it was fun---like we did when we were growing up. I began to waver...just a little.

Zaria and Lary urged me to call Lauren's mom to talk with her about the sleepover. I said I would. Monday- I didn't call. Tuesday- I forgot. Wednesday- I had homework and got tired. Thursday- I couldn''t postpone it any longer. I called. I asked a ton of questions. Who's invited? Will there be any boys/men there? How many entrances does the house have? Etc.....

I decided to let her go-with guidelines. She had to take her cellphone and call me before she goes to bed. If anything felt strange to call me and I would come and get her at any time. She agreed.

My husband and I took Zaria to Farmington Hills to the sleepover and I discreetly surveyed the house and the perimeter. I shared my concerns with the mom and she assured me that nothing would happen to my baby. I prayed and trusted that God would protect her. She was there from 7pm Friday to 5pm Saturday. I was a basket of nerves but everything was fine.

Zaria's first slumber party was a success..... but I told her never to ask me again! LOL.

What do you think about sleepovers?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

21 Years Ago

Tomorrow my oldest son will be 21 years old! Wow, I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital. It hasn't been easy raising a son but it has been an experience I will always cherish. A ritual that my son and I share every year is the story of his birth. I tell him the same story every year. I will tell him that same beautiful and humorous again this year for the 21st time. The difference: This year I will share it with my readers, too.

The year was 1990. A couple of weeks before I was set to deliver my bouncing bundle of joy, I began to have abdominal pains. They were not regular but they were intense. One of my close friends went to the hospital with me(my mom met us there)only to find out from the doctor that I was having Braxton Hicks-prelabor pains. The doctor told me that I was only dilated to 2 cm(you have to be at 10 in order to begin the labor process). He instructed me to walk. He allowed me to walk for an hour around the hospital. Nothin happened so he told me I should return home and walk if I was ready to have the baby.

I was ready. I decided I was gonna have the baby that day. My house was on the border of Detroit and Hamtramck. I decided that I would walk to Hamtramck to Duncan Donuts and the ice cream shop. I wasn't brave enough to walk there and back so I decided to walk there and catch the bus back. What I wouldn't do for a glazed donut and pralines and cream icecream(my favorite back then)LOL. Well, the stranest thing happened when I got back home. As soon as I walked in the house, my water broke! I was so scared. I was by myself and didn't know what to do. I couldn't find my mom because she was out looking for me. About 2 minutes passed when she returned. I was crying just like the baby I was about to have. LOL. ( I didn't even get to eat my ice cream)My mom took me to the hospital and that's when the miracle began.

The doctor told me he had to induce labor. The nurse gave me more than was prescribed so the pain was extremely intense. I was in labor with Marty for 14 1/2 hours. On May 9, 1990 my beautiful son was born. I never got to eat that ice cream but I was blessed with the sweetest substitute. Tomorrow, my son will turn 21 years old. Can you believe it? And I still look good!

Have a Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

National Potato Chip Day and other quirky celebrations

March 14th was National Potato Chip Day and we celebrated by having a Potato Chip Party. That's right, we had over 100 different varieties of potato chips for the kids to taste-test. The boys and girls enjoyed barbeque, salt and vinegar, cheese, hot, sour cream and onion, ruffles and more. We played games such as Hot Potato and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Contests. The younger kids colored pictures of potato chips. Potato Chips are America's favorite snack foods and one of Zaria's favorite snacks.

After having the party, I started researching other strange holidays. Below is a list of some unusual holidays that you may want to celebrate:

January is National Oatmeal Month
February 4th is Bubble Gum Day
March (Potato Chips)
April is National Kite Month
May 1 is Mother Goose Day
June is Potty Training Awareness Month
July 7th is Tell The Truth Day
August 8-14 is Exercise With Your Child Week
September 23rd is Hug A Vegetarian Day
October 15 is National Grouch Day
November 18 is Push-Button Phone Day
December 7 is National Cotton Candy Day

I know. I know. I'm just a big, goofy kid. LOL. What is your favorite zany celebration?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Day

Hi Everyone,
This is Zaria and I want to tell everybody about our latest family day.

Last week, we had a family day. We went to see 'The Roomate.' My mother didn't want me to see it because she thought I would have bad dreams. I didn't. But she did make me close my eyes of a couple parts. We went to eat at Friday's too. My mom had a salad. It had eggs and bacon in it. It looked good. My dad and brother had burgers. I had a cheeseburger with fries dipped in ranch dressing. I LOVE ranch dressing. We ate appetizers, first. We had cheese sticks and boneless wing and potato skins.

I love family day because we don't have many family days with my big brother because he is 20 now. He hangs out with his friends and girlfriend. He works and studies music and makes beats. I love my big brother. He always asks me for 'baby hugs.' He has been doing that since I was little. Sometimes we argue but I know he loves me.

I can't wait until we have another Family Day. This time I want to go to Red Lobster.

Do you ever have family days? What is your favorite things to do? I gotta get ready for bed and school so I will talk to everybody later. See ya.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Friends Forever

When Zaria was 3 years old, she met someone who she says will be her best friend forever. Zaria and Shaniyah were unseparable in Head Start. For two years, they shared the carpet together. LOL. They talked about what 'areas' they would play in. They always chose the water toy area. Water has been Zaria's favorite since she was a baby. Swimming is her favorite thing to do. Those girls can talk on the phone for hours at a time about, seemingly, nothing at all. The kids go to different schools now and they don't talk to each other as much but nothing can challenge that friendship. Zaria has met many friends in her young life but if you asked her who her best friend is she would say 'Shaniyah', proudly.

That's how I feel about my bff, Lorie. Like Zaria and Shaniyah, we have been friends since we were very young. We met in 4th grade. We've been through births, deaths, boyfriends, break-ups, weddings, divorce.....basically the good, the bad and the ugly. I remember in school(8th grade, I think), we talked so much that the teacher separated us. He moved Lorie to the back of the room. That didn't stop us. We started passing notes :) Sometimes we would be late for school. One day I had the bright idea that we shouldn't walk into class late together. I told Lorie to go first. I would follow in about 5 minutes. My teacher, Mr. Rowan came out to the hallway and said "It didn't work. I know you were late together." LOL. Those were the days.

It hasn't been always peachy cream. We've had our arguments and fights but we always get past it and make up. I remember one time Lorie came over to visit. I think we were about 16 or 17. She wanted me to go to a party with her. I told her that I was expecting my boyfriend to come over. Since I hadn't heard from him all day, she convinced me to go to the party. About 45 minutes later, my boyfriend came over so I told Lorie that I wasn't gonna go now because he was here. Oh boy! She performed and made a crazy scene. 'How you gone play me? You said we were gonna hang out. Now he comes over and you change your mind." Then she said something that snapped my wig and his. She said 'Now what am I gonna tell these GUYS when they come and get us." Making my boyfriend think there was someone set up for me. Boy was I mad!!!! But, we got over that.

Next week, Lorie is moving hundreds of miles away to live in Tennessee. I am going to miss her sooooooooo much! Yesterday we hung out and had a good time but I know that I will feel a void after she leaves. I know we will definitely keep in contact and I will travel to Tennessee a lot but not being able to see her regularly is going to be hard.

Has your best friend ever moved away? How did you handle it?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Live Life 'Til Lifeless

That is a quote/motto that I borrowed from my 20-year old son. It is quite apropo this week because our family just buried my father-in-law last weekend. Sometimes after funerals, people start to reflect on their own mortality.(I know this is probably one of my 'heaviest' blog posts. A few days ago, I asked my husband if he thought his father did everything he wanted to do in life. He said that he believed he did.

Have you? Are you living?
What is your bucket list? A bucket list is an chronological list of things you want to do or see before you 'kick the bucket.'

A mini version of my bucket list is:

1. I want to travel.
a. I've been to The Bahamas. This year I'm going to Jamaica. I want to see Japan and paris within the next 7 years.

2. I want to receive a bachelor's and Master Degree-maybe even a Doctorate.

3. I want my husband and I to renew our vows in the next 4 years(our 10th anniversary).

4. I want to take The Real Princess Zaria to Hollywood. That's where she longs to go(Don't ask me why)

5. I want to help my son realize his dream of being a music producer.

This is just a mini list. I have so many plans.

Is there something you want to do? Someplace you want to go?

Why haven't you?

Is it because of work/your job? Well, do you work just to pay bills or do you work to have a better life? Bills will always be here-but you won't always be here.

Is it money? I suggest you find some way to make additional income-a temporary part-time job, perhaps.

Is it time or your perceived lack of time? There's no time like the present. Time waits for no one.(I know that one was cheesy. LOL) But you get what i'm saying , right?

I encourage all my followers and guests of this blog to live life 'til lifeless.

What is your bucket list?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Being Mommy- The Best Job in the World

I really love being a mom! Yesterday, Zaria and I had the time of our lives. It was our 1st Mommy/Daughter day of 2011. I started this for Zaria a few years ago when she was just 3 years old. We normally choose several things to do or places to go(just us). One of our favorite days was in 2006. We dressed in formal attire and had dinner at a popular downtown restaurant. Everyone thought we were going to a wedding. The highlight for Zaria was when a gentleman took his hat off and bowed. She said, "Why did he do that mommy?" I said, "Because you are a princess."

Yesterday, our day started with picking up a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries that I ordered for Zaria. Chocolate Strawberries are her favorite! We then went shopping. Bath and Body Works was our first stop. Zaria loves the smell of its Signature Collection. Black Raspberry Vanilla is the scent she picked. We then ventured to Fairlane Mall. Claire's is the store that she likes getting her jewelry. I bought her a pair of earrings and a necklace. We had lunch in the Food Court. She chose Taco Bell(another one of her favorite's). Afterwards, we watched MegaMind at the AMC Fairlane. We had so much fun.

I knew she had a good time but when she posted that it was the best time ever on Facebook, it confirmed it for me. I can't wait until next month. I really don't know what could top this:)

And then I get an email today that I am a nominee for Mommy of the Month with a popular Mommy Blog site. By the way, please vote for me at

Being a mom is probably the single most important and rewarding role in the world. I am soooo happy that I have the charge to care for such a beautiful princess.