Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Day Of School: Who'll Cry More...Her or Me? By Cheryl Pope

My five year old will start kindergarten soon and I couldn't be more happy and apprehensive at the same time. This will be my first time away from her for longer than a couple hours. Will she cry? Or will Icry? Will she miss me? Has she mastered sharing? Her teachers...Will they be compassionate?

I remember her first day of preschool. I was a nervous wreck. We walked in the door and as I tried to prepare her for the experience she broke free and joined the 'circle time' already in progress. I, sheepishly, wimpered to her that I would be right back but she just fanned her little hand at me as if to say "Just run along, I'm alright!" The funny part is that when her day was done she didn't even know that I was gone.

But this is different. It's an all-day program. It will start at 7:00am and endat 3:30pm. She'll eat a full lunch, they'll have recess, and she'll probably have to take a nap or have rest time. How will she react? Will she cry for me? Will the teachers have to call me for reinforcement? I don't know, but I'll be ready. Maybe I should bring my own desk and lunchbox to her class. Yeah, that's right. I'll sharpen my No. 2 pencil and bring my matching Dora The Explorer lunchbox. I hope I can find a school uniform that will fit me. What do I call the teacher---Ms.-so-and-so or by his or her first name.

No. That just sounds ridiculous. I'll just get her ready for school. Kiss her on the cheek. Wish her well and hope she has a great time. I have to be the adult and allow her to experience the wonderful joy of the first dayof school....just like MY mother did!


  1. Thank you Cheryl! You have read the minds of many American Parents! Parents who think or have experienced similar thoughts about this forth-coming dreaded day are enthused to know that they are not out here alone. There are parents who would want nothing more than to remain with thier children permanently from the begining to the end of every school day. Realistically, parents and parent advocates know that this could possibly crippled mental and developmental growth for their youngsters.

  2. I've been there Cheryl! It's no easy task either. I felt the same way a few weeks ago about the Boy & Girls Club. The parents can't go past a certain line, and my son just ran off into this chaotic mass of children running every which way! I stayed for 15 minutes thinking he was going to come back looking for me....I waited...and waited...probably would have still been waiting. I think its definitely more us...than them.


  3. It's great to see you up and online Cheryl. I hope to see more. I'm adding you to my bloglist at my blog.

  4. Thanks. Now Zaria is in Middle School. My, how time flies :)