Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tooth Fairy Lost in Transit

Princess Zaria lost a 'canine' tooth yesterday.(I think that's what it's called.) I think she wiggled it until it came out. This is her fourth 'baby' tooth. First, the two middle ones at the bottom, then the two front teeth. When her first tooth fell out she was over her grandparent's house. Somehow, the tooth fairy magically knew she would be there and left her a dollar. Then the other came out and she got another dollar(from her grandparents). When she got home, the tooth fairy's assistant left Princess Zaria four dollars. When the third tooth came out, she was given one dollar from the tooth fairy's other assistant and then the tooth fairy came back and left Zaria 7 more dollars. The rationale was a dollar for each year. Last night, the tooth fairy got lost in transit. Somehow, she 'forgot' where we lived because she had so many teeth to pick up last night. While in tears, Zaria knew that the tooth fairy wouldn't forget her tonight so she left her tooth in a red velvet box. How do you deal with the tooth fairy? Share your experiences.

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