Saturday, December 19, 2009

When I Went To DAPCEP Today

When I went to DAPCEP, I made a light bulb light. . We had so much fun. When the parents left we ate and then we made light. Before the parents left, my mom and I made a magnet. We used batteries, nail and wire. We wrapped the wire around the nail and taped the end of the wire to the battery. The battery got very hot. I put the nail near a paperclip and the paperclip got closer to the nail. That made a magnet. I love DAPCEP! I learn so much there.

The End

Love, Zaria


  1. Hi Zaria,
    That really sounds like it was fun. Science experiments can be really cool!

  2. Thanks Ms. Willow,

    I love my DAPCEP class. It teaches me a lot of things about science. Next year I will be graduating and going into the big kids class. It is for kids in 4th thru 12th grade.