Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Title

I'm over six months into the release of my latest book, The Adventures of Princess Zaria, and in the words of Hannah Montana I'm looking for my next -next. My husband and son have been asking me when will I start writing my next book. While taking a power nap, I came up the the next theme. I think(and it may change) I will enter Princess Zaria into a spelling bee. Similar to the motion picture, Akeeyla and the Bee. How does Princess Zaria and the Bee sound? Or some variation? I am hoping it will serve as a literary motivation for children(especially girls)to enter spelling bees. As I'm writing this, I also want to congratulate all the participants and winners of The Scripps Spelling Bee, regional and school-based bees.

Please give me your feedback on The Spelling Bee concept for the next Princess Zaria Project. I welcome and encourage all suggestions.


  1. Cherly, I like that you continue to expand your brand. I LOVE the Idea of Princess Zaria enters a spelling bee. You hit the nail on the head when you mention literary motivation for children. The purpose for children's books are to teach, inspire and empower children. I look forward to the series of The Adventures of Princess Zaria.

    Congrats and much success!

    How can I follow you on my blog spot? I don't see the follow button...


  2. Thanks Sandy. We are always creating new things for little girls. Next week, we will implement The Princess Zaria Fan Line. Princess Zaria( the book charactar) will let girls know what she is doing next. She will also give them a peek into the next book. Thanks, as always, for your support.

  3. Love the spelling bee idea. Should be fun to write!

  4. Thanks Sandy and Willow. The next book tentatively titled The Princess and The Bee is complete. I am looking for a December or January release. I will keep you posted.