Thursday, May 12, 2011

Zaria's First Sleepover

Many of my friends know how protective of my kids I am, especially Zaria. Some may even say overprotective-oh well. A few weeks ago, Zaria brought home a birthday party invitation with a sleepover theme. Here's where the drama unfolds.......

Zaria gives me a birthday party invitation for a slumber party. I tell Zaria that she can go to the party portion but she couldn't sleepover/spend the night. Anyone that knows Zaria knows how sensitive she is so se begins to cry(but I stick to my guns-for the time being). She tells me that many of her class friends will be there. She says that Lauren(the birthday girl) didn't invite all the girls in the class-just the cool and popular ones. I still say NO.

As time passes, we have to decide what present we are getting Lauren. Zaria decides on a BFF necklace because obviously Lauren is one of Zaria's newest best friends. (Oh brother). She asks did I change my mind and can she sleepover. I say no. My husband is in earshot of the conversation now. I tell Zaria that society is not the same as it used to be. I go over good and bad touch with her. I explain that I would have to literally kill someone if they hurt her and so on and so on....

Later, my husband has a long talk with me. He says that he doesn't want Zaria to be timid and afraid of the world. He wants her to experience fun with friends and have a childhood that she can look back on and say it was fun---like we did when we were growing up. I began to waver...just a little.

Zaria and Lary urged me to call Lauren's mom to talk with her about the sleepover. I said I would. Monday- I didn't call. Tuesday- I forgot. Wednesday- I had homework and got tired. Thursday- I couldn''t postpone it any longer. I called. I asked a ton of questions. Who's invited? Will there be any boys/men there? How many entrances does the house have? Etc.....

I decided to let her go-with guidelines. She had to take her cellphone and call me before she goes to bed. If anything felt strange to call me and I would come and get her at any time. She agreed.

My husband and I took Zaria to Farmington Hills to the sleepover and I discreetly surveyed the house and the perimeter. I shared my concerns with the mom and she assured me that nothing would happen to my baby. I prayed and trusted that God would protect her. She was there from 7pm Friday to 5pm Saturday. I was a basket of nerves but everything was fine.

Zaria's first slumber party was a success..... but I told her never to ask me again! LOL.

What do you think about sleepovers?


  1. I think you and I are very similar! However, I never gave in for my daughter. It sounds like you had everything under control and i certainly understand your husband's point of view.

    Great post!

  2. Thanks Kim. I was on pins and needles but she had a blast!

  3. I can totally relate to your concerns. I tend to be "over-protective" too, and I don't even have girls! So many things could happen at a sleepover, because you don't know who is traipsing in and out of that house, so I think your concerns are founded. I think your DH gave you great advice, and sometimes they are wiser than we give them credit for - hehe. ;-) Mine tends to keep me balanced in that way too, which is why I appreciate him.

    So glad Zaria's first sleepover turned out okay!

  4. I hate them and try not to let it happen, but every once in awhile if I know the parents well, I let you go. But more often than not I just let her stay for the party portion and pick her up. She's 10 and I think she's been to 3 party sleepovers, but have been asked to about 10.

  5. Yakini,

    I can only remember one non-family sleepover when I was a child. My mom was very protective. Sometimes i listen to hubby but sometimes i have to put my foot down!!! LOL

  6. Funkidivagirl,

    I understand. We have to be very protective of our girls. That has been her one (and possibly only)sleepover.