Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't Play With Your Food! Really???

I am so excited to be hosting a cookie decorating party with the princesses of the Princess Zaria Fan Club. This event was one that had been postponed earlier this year because of the Princess Ball. Members of the PZ Club are the special guests(it's a members only event). Princess Zaria and I have been so busy purchasing the decorations for the event-sprinkles, frosting, decorations, etc. The girls will have some much fun playing with their food. LOL.

Why did I choose to host a cookie decorating party? Two reasons: I've always wanted to go to a cookie party but never knew anyone that had one and, two, I wanted to give the girls something different to do.

Have you ever been to a cookie party? What do you think would make this event really fun?


  1. Oh, this does sound like Fun and very tasty. I think playing the Cake Walk Game would be fun. If you are inside have 1 through 15 numbers placed on the floor around the sweet dessert/give-a-way table. Each number should be on laminated paper. Have a bowl filled with numbers 1 through 15. Turn on the music and let your guest loose to walk around the SWEET DESSERT TABLE when the music stops. Quickly Pull a number from the bowl and the person standing on that number after the music stops is the winner.

    And don't forget the icing tubes so guest can get really detailed with their cookie decoration. This will be some SWEET FUN at the Cookie Party!

  2. Thanks so much for the tips Sandy. I think the girls will love the CakeWalk. I hope the venue has room to do that but if not most definitely at the Chocolate Party in October. I plan to get aprons for all the girls and of course giveaways for some of them. I think i'm going to do goody bags, too. I absolutely love the members only meet and greets.