Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Like Mommy

Moms, have you ever noticed how your daughters want to be just like you? There's a book that I read to my daughter regularly(because it's one of her favorites) entitled 'Just Like Mommy.' The little girl in the book wants to wear dresses because her mom wears them to work. She wants to have her hair in curls because her mom does and she wants to drive a sports car when she grows up? Why? Because her mom does. This got me to thinking about my own little girl.

Zaria reads a lot of books because she sees me doing it. She has dozens of journals and diaries because she sees me writing all the time. She's beginning to ask can she stop wearing ponytails and braids because she wants to wear her hair down-Just Like Mommy. Zaria likes to help me in the kitchen because she sees me cook daily. I think the list is endless. She even contributed a chapter to an anthology written by students of Chrysler Elementary School. Why? Because it was a school project. LOL. And because her mom is an author, she was pleased to do it.

What are you doing that your little one will emulate? Is it positive or negative? Remember, they are watching.


  1. Cherly, what a great reminder that we are always being watched by our little ones. Often times as Mothers, Dads, Aunts, Uncles etc. We get caught up in just providing the financial resources for our children. We forget that our children are watching us when we talk with others, what programs we watch on television, the people we associate with, the foods we eat, the music we listen to, how we dress -just about every move we make. So it is important that we provide positive examples on a daily bases. How we interact with others, just being polite to neighbors, attending church (being spiritual) or how we treat the pet. Often times we as relatives/love ones get caught up in just the disciplinary action with our children. Telling them right from wrong, but we are their example. For example, have you mentioned something around a child and he or she turn back around a repeated those words to someone else and you were shocked and immediately stated, Don't you say that! I have!

    I think that as adults our day to day action serves as a blue print of what to do, because we are the example...I believe our conscience effort to display service, respect for others and having a gratitude attitude will reinforce in our young people to live accordingly.

  2. Hi Ms. Sandy

    I love when you face paint me. I think my mama is the best. I write stories just like she does. I like art and tennis, too.