Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celebrate Dads

February is Fatherhood Awareness Month. I'm so glad dads are getting a special day(besides Father's Day). A lot of dads get a bad rap but there are a ton of dads doing a great job! Although this is a mommy blog, I want to share a story about my dad. When I was younger, I had problems in math. I'm still not a whiz but i get by:) My worst challenge was fractions. I just could not get it. I was getting C's in Math and I think that was only because I was a good student. I didn't give the teacher any problems.

My dad saw that I was struggling and even though he only had an 8th grade education, he was a mathematical genius! He tutored me endlessly. My dad worked in the factory on the afternoon shift so he was not home when I came home from school but my practice fractions were. He would leave about 10 problems for me to complete and when he got home after midnight he would check them and reassign more. I passed my fifth grade math class because of my daddy.

There are a lot of dads that are doing wonderful things in their homes, church and communities. Celebrate them. If you have or know a dad , tell him he's doing a wonderful job. Share with us your wonderful dad stories.


  1. Great post! My dad also worked in a factory -- I'll never know how he managed to stay up most days until midnight, be at work at 6 am, and still find time to be involved in our lives, but he was always there for us.

    I grew up severely allergic to milk, and he seemed to feel like it was a tragedy that I couldn't enjoy his favorite foods -- ice cream and chocolate cake. So in addition to painstakingly reading lists of ingredients, he also made sure that whenever we had a dairy desert, he had something special for me. One I particularly remember was the time he brought honeycomb home (probably from the Eastern Market). It was a unique desert!

    My dad also insisted that any privileges we had came with responsibility. I distinctly remember getting in trouble for telling a neighbor he couldn't ride my bike. My dad always made a place in our house and our activities for others children in the neighborhood or from school.

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories Tim. Even though this is a mommy blog, we really love getting input from men(and dads). I can't imagine not being able to eat ice cream, though. It must be awful!!!!