Friday, November 26, 2010

Everyone Feels Blue Sometimes

It's so funny but everyone that knows me always sees me with a smile on my face or a cheery disposition. My former employer used to call me 'Little Miss Sunshine.' I've had co-workers ask "Why are you so happy?(when everything around was falling to pieces). I definitely choose my battles. I don't let every challenging situation get me down but I am, of course, only human. I do feel blue sometime.

I know this is the Thanksgiving holiday and it's the time for giving thanks and being grateful for everything I have(shelter, family, health,etc.) and I am thankful for those things and more. But again, I am only human and I sometimes reflect on my lack. I would love to live in a better home/better neighborhood, be able to pay my bills on time or before time, be healthier(could stand to lose a few pounds) and I would love it if my mom was still around to share my successes.

You know, I guess that is what this 'pity' blog is all about.


Sometimes I am so envious of my friends and colleagues. Those who have had great successes recently were able to share them with their moms. If they launched a book;their mom was there. If they won an award; their mom was there. If they gave birth; their mom was there. If they were featured in the news; their mom was there.

See where I'm going with this? I've had some major successes happen to me recently and I would love to share them with my mom ----So sometimes I feel melancholy.

Just bare with me. I should be back to my old cheery self tomorrow. Just venting I guess.

Do you ever feel gloomy? What do you do to snap out of it?


  1. We all need to vent. And we all feel blue sometimes. And I'm sorry you don't have your Mom around to share in life's triumphs with.
    I feel gloomy a little too much. It's hard to look at where I'm at in relation to where I want to go. I get frustrated too easy and I have a hard time appreciating what I have. I have an insatiable personality, I always want more more more, and have a hard time stopping and taking a look at all that I have accomplished being a younger single mom. I don't know if I ever truly snap out of the blues, but spending time with my daughter always makes me feel better :)

  2. @Mommy Glow I feel better this morning. Just a little venting is always good, I guess. Thanks for listening to my rants. Children always make things seem so much better. I guess we never stop wanting more, at least a little more. If we just keep focused by keeping our goals in the forefront, we will do just fine. And as for our moms, I have to just believe we will one day see her again and we'll be able to share everything then.

  3. I can't imagine that the longing for her will ever pass. I'm sorry that we can't all have our loved ones until they turn 100...