Thursday, November 4, 2010

She Loves Books But Justin Bieber is her Favorite

About a month ago, Zaria brought home one of those Scholastic Book Forms. You remember those? It's the one that has about 50+ book descriptions with cover pics. Well, Zaria picked her 4 book choices right away....a month ago. Everyday since then she's been reminding me that I have to give her $12.00 for the books. "OK Zaria. I'll give it to you when it's due."

Today it was due. Last night she says that I need to give her the book money. Well, the thing is I had some unexpected things come up so we had to limit the book purchase from 4 to 1. She didn't like that at all. "Ok. But we're having a book sale at my school this week, too. How many books can I get there?

"Look, I say. Either you are going to order the books from this form or buy one at the book sale at school, not both.(In my sternest mommy voice, if you can believe that. LOL). She decided to order the book.

Finaly, I say "What book did you decide on?" Thinking maybe she would have selected the book on magic tricks(she loves to watch magic shows) No. Maybe the book on The Purple Princess, after all she is Princess Zaria. No, not that one either. "Well, I guess you want that scary book since Halloween was last week." No, not that one either.

Out of all the books in that catalog, Zaria decided on " The Justin Bieber Quiz Book." Everything You Ever Want To Know About Justin Bieber

Go Figure. LOL


  1. Omg, I used to loooove those little book sale/catalogue thingies the school would hand out. lol. My dad would also limit what we could buy though. In retrospect, I guess we were really on a budget - cuz as much as my parents were advocates of reading, we could never order more than 1 or 2 things. I am not mad at that. But I digress....

    Gosh, kids REALLY love some Justin Bieber, don't they? LOL. Did you all know there's a new Justin Bieber doll out now for the holidays? I bet that one is gonna be flying off the shelves! LOL!!!

  2. Oh Yea, the doll was definitely on the list. But, did you know there was a JB movie coming out in February? No big surprise there. Zaria told me yesterday and it's called 'Never Say Never.' It's supposed to be autobiographical and motivational.

  3. Update: The book arrived Friday. Here we go: " Hey Mama, did you know Justin Bieber likes to......" SMH

  4. Did you know Justin Bieber and I like the same fast food place ? That is SubWay. Also we both like purple.