Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adult Cartoons

What do you think of adult cartoons like Family Guy and The Cleveland Show? Children seem to like it because it is animated but parents know that these shows are not for a child's eyes. Tonight, I sat and watched a clip of one of the shows. I witnessed cursing, lesbian content, nudity and more. We have to protect our children from these type of shows. When my son was younger(now 19), he used to sneak and watch a similar cartoon on MTV. I want to protect Princess Zaria from the negative images on many of these shows. Is this censorship or good parenting? Leave your comments


  1. Cheryl, I agree that we must protect our children and that includes what we allow them to watch on TELEVISON. The Simpsons, Boone Docks (misspelled), and The Family Guy just to name a few are not appropriate for children under the age of 18. Yep, I said it! EIGHTEEN!!!These programs are created for adults. Quite frankly, as an educated adult I think it is a waste of good brain cells to view some of the junk on television these days.

    In regards to our children who are very impressionable, these program can do just that - PROGRAM them to think that some of those negative behaviors displayed on various animated "Shows" are appropriate. As the saying goes: "Junk In, Junk Out!" What you put into a child is exactly what you get back. So turn on the Nature Channel, read a good book or just play scrabble. This make for great family entertainment and increase a child's vocabulary.

  2. Sandy,
    You are right on. Children need boundaries. They crave it. I think parents should introduce children to alternative things to watch and do. I like your idea of Scrabble. We bought Zaria a Scrabble game last Christmas and she loves it! She even beat me and my husband twice! Thanks again for your comment and stay tuned for future posts:)