Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unusual Celebrations

I love holidays and any reason to celebrate. I like SuperBowl parties (even though I hate football). I even have been to several Waiting To Exhale parties when it was popular. Recently, I have found several unusual holidays and celebrations. Did you know that National Cookie Day is in October? National Pizza Month is also in October. National Icecream Month was in July(that was the month of my book release party. I had an ice cream social booksigning to celebrate). There are other holidays that border on weird, even bizarre. Take a look:

Poultry Day is March 19-Give a chicken a hug
April 4th is Tell a Lie Day
Take Your Pants For a Walk Day is July 27th

This crazy one is on the top of the 'Wow' list---Virus Appreciation Day is October 3rd. I guess I should give my cold a party the next time I get the sniffles:)

What are your favorite and/or weirdest celebrations?

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