Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kroger Gift Card

This is our first giveaway on The Real Princess and Mommy Blog. Tell us what your favorite childhood book is/was. Princess Zaria will select the winner. The winning entry will be based on humor/drama, content, illustrations, and storyline so it's open to just about any type. The winner will receive a $10.00 Kroger Card. Ten dollars is not very much but it can help with staples such as milk, bread or eggs. Good Luck!


  1. Nobody wants a gift card? I'll start the ball rolling with comments (but I'll stay out of the contest:)
    My favorite children's book was Secret Agents Four by Donald Sobol (who wrote the Encyclopedia Brown books).
    Secret Agents Four is about a boy inventor and his three friends who decided to build a spy-catching machine. The book is full of humor and excitement -- and it was almost possible to imagine that I was one of the Secret Agents!
    There's probably no fiction book I've read and re-read as much as Secret Agents Four ... it's not necessarily a classic, but it sure captured my imagination!

  2. Thanks for responding Tim. I have extended the contest until May 1. I haven't had a lot of time to promote it but I will this week. If you know anyone who shops at Kroger, encourage them to enter. Good luck!

  3. I would like to thank all those who commented through my email address. I hope the winning family enjoys their $50 gift card.