Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Things

Hi Everybody! This is Zaria. I have been really sick for a few days but I have been reading my moms posts and everybody's comments. Christmas is coming up and I started to think about some of my favorite things. Not toys or clothes but places I like to go and people I like. It's kinda like when me and my mama watch Oprah. I made a list of 10 things because it is 2010. Tell me which ones you like:

1. China Town Buffet in Dearborn, MI is my favorite restaurant.

2. Panda Buffet in Westland is my 2nd favorite restaurant.

3. Hannah Montana is my favorite singer/actress.

4. Selena Gomez is another favorite singer/actress of mine.

5. Justin Bieber-well, what else can I say?!

6. Easy Bake Oven was my favorite Christmas present.

7. Jonas Brothers is my favorite singing group.

8. I love coloring book.

9. I like different colors.

10. I really loves cell phones. I really want a pink Blackberry cell phone by Verizon Wireless.

What are your favorite things?


  1. Princess Zaria, I am so glad to see that you are feeling better. I have never been to Panda Buffet or China Town Buffet. I think I might try those restaurants out one day. Maybe when Justin Bieber visit Metro Detroit, We can go check him out. I would like to see JB in concert myself. Thanks to seeing your Ten favorite things I plan to make my list today.

    Merry Christmas Sweet-Heart!

  2. To Zaria, I love the Panda Buffet as well. I went and ordered food there in Indianapolis this weekend. Continue to share your amazing post with us.

  3. What a great blog and a great concept. The list of likes is too sweet and such a good idea for 2010 :) Thank you for visiting my blog today!

  4. @Ms. BabyMamaChronicles Thanks. LOL. You have a funny name. My mama said one day she was gonna give me a 'favorite things' party. Right now, I just can't wait until Christmas.

  5. I always wanted an easy bake oven. I almost bought one for myself years ago lol

  6. (Mommy) @ANTM I think the oven now is so much different than the ones we had growing up. But they have so many accessories and baking choices for the easy bake oven now.