Saturday, December 25, 2010

What's In a Name?

I know most bloggers are posting about holiday themes or possibly New Year resolutions but I like to go against the grain, sometimes. LOL. A few days ago my daughter was sick-very sick with a re-occuring high temperature. She had chills and a stuffy, and most times, runny nose. It got so bad that at -home remedies no longer worked so I took her to see a doctor. While at the doctor's office, a conversation began. A conversation that always begins when I share the origin of Zaria's name.

Zaria's name means Princess but honestly I didn't know that when I named her. There was a show several years ago that I loved called 'The Parenthood.' The daughter on that show was named Zaria. I fell in love with the name and vowed to myself that when I had a daughter I would name her Zaria. That's before I was married and my hubby had other ideas. Zaria was almost 'Jessica.' But I won that battle :)

After talking with the doctor, I started to think about other names that have unique stories behind them. Names that are spelled differently. Names that are unisex. Names that are only ONE LETTER LONG! That's right. I heard that someone named their child the letter B. I thought that was so different and even cool when I heard the story behind it. The mom let her other children name the sibling :)

When I was growing up, I had a neighbor named Demassius. He told me that it was from The Bible. My husband's name is Lary(spelled with one r). My oldest son's name is Kondace but his nickname is Marty(there is a real interesting story behind that. I will share in a future post. I promise). I have a nephew named Sincere. Don't ask! LOL.

So, I ask: Do you have a unique spelling for your child's name? Did you have a childhood friend with a quirky name or nickname? Is there an interesting story behind your name?


  1. I love this post! What fun to know the story behind someone's name!! My name means "little wave" like in the ocean. And as for unique spellings? My oldest's name is Kayli. I swear i had no idea whatsoever that a) there were a million bajillion ways to spell it and b) that K A Y L I was *not* one of those ways! LOL Great post! :)

  2. I don't have any children as of yet but if and when I do, I'll be sure to share it on the Princess Zaria and Mommy Blog. I love what you guys are doing. Keep up the amaaing work.

  3. @Galit I love the name kayli. Great job. Your name could also be classified as 'different.' One day come back and share that story :)

  4. @Adra Thanks for commenting. Never heard of an Adra before I met you. I'm sure there is a story behind that :) As a teacher, I know you have heard of strangely unique names. Please come back when you can and share some of those quirky names you encounter as a teacher in the DPS district.

  5. My name is Lenderrick. lol...quirky enough for you. I was named after my dads best friend who spells his name Lynderek. Was also named after my dads other best friend, Charlie. Hence my middle name, Charles. Growing up i hated my name because new teachers would always mispronounce it and then i would have to go through the school year with some weird version of my given name as a nickname. But now that im older I love it. Its still very unique and with the wonders of the internet i have met several other Lenderricks around the country. Im glad moms didnt get to name me because she said if she had done it my name would have been Jason. lol nothing wrong with it but its so common and plain. I kinda dig being unique.

  6. @Lenderrick I knew there had to be a story. I absolutely love your name!

  7. I LOVE the name Kondace! I love unusual names. My oldest is Wyatt and my second oldest is Jackson, but I was a big fan of General Hospital and loved the character Jax, and since my husband was not going to let me name the boy after a soap opera character, we agreed to naming him Jackson, but it's shortened to Jax....I still watch General Hospital!

  8. @Sandra Funny story behind that is his father's mother wanted a girl when she was pregnant with him. Had Candace picked out as the name. After being told she was having a boy, she decided to switch a few letters around and name him Kondace. My son doesn't actually like the name so we call him Marty(a version of his middle name). BTW, my husband and I said if we had another child we would name him OR her Jackson:)

    Thanks for visiting our blog

  9. I love the name Zaria, and yes, I also remember her from The Parenthood! (What a cute show that was).

    My name is pretty unique, and aside from the slight annoyance of people frequently mispronouncing it, I've always loved having a name that is special and different! Zaria is a lucky little girl, to have such a beautiful name!

  10. @Yakini I love your name. Does it have special meaning? Even Chase is different for an African American baby :) Thanks for supporting our blog.

  11. Hi Cheryl,

    I was named after my father's mother, Ophelia White from Bessemer, Alabama and also my mother was a fan of Hamlet and Ophelia was in love with him.

    For years I did not like it because the kids at school made fun of it and I was a tall, skinny kid and a teachers pet, which did not help!

    Ophelia is a rare name, I remember the first time I saw my name in print, I was working at the Pontchartrain hotel as a desk clerk and a woman from Ohio was running for a position in the NAACP, the conference was at Cobo and she had buttons, pins, signs with "Vote for Ophelia" on them, i thought that was the greatest thing ever, she gave me a peice of all of her items that I still have, Ophelia and I are still friends and this was about 20 years ago, she is Ms. Ophelia Avery of Cincinnati, Ohio.

    I was at the National Coalition of Black Meeting Planner in 1996 in San Diego, one of the sales managers with Marriot had ordeded tickets to the Price is Right and asked if my husband and I wanted to ride to LA for the taping, we went and I know the producer of the show pulled my name becasue of it being different, I was called got on stage and won my prizes!

    Ophelia Twine-Henry you are the next contestant on the "Price is Right", come on down, now that was fun!

    What in a name, my story, hope you enjoy it!