Thursday, December 31, 2015

16 New Year's Resolutions I Wish My Teenager Would Make In 2016

For the last 20 years I've made resolutions for myself and for the most part, they've been largely impactful. I wish my 14 yr old would follow in my footsteps. She's a great kid but there are a few things I would hope she see needs improving. If I were her, this would be my list:

  1. I will clean my room EVERYDAY.
  2. I will eat more vegetables (without crying)-funny story.
  3. I will help out more with chores especially washing dishes.
  4. I will let my parents know, in advance, when I have school projects due.
  5. I will clean the bathroom BEFORE I take a selfie.
  6. I will go to bed at a reasonable time. No more talking to my bestie until 1:00am. Or at least I'll try.
  7. I will share with my brother more.
  8. I will let my mom cuddle and sleep with me sometimes.
  9. I will unlock my cell phone at night so my mom can see what I'm doing.
  10. I will realize that money does not grow on trees.
  11. I'll WILL my feet to stop growing so my mom doesn't have to pay so much for shoes.
  12. I will teach my mom how to edit video.
  13. I will try to eat school lunch, at least, once a week.
  14. I will try one new food this year. Not once a month but once this year.
  15. I will watch tear-jerker movies with my mom sometimes.
  16. Lastly, I will wake up earlier so I won't make my mom and dad late for work every day.
Yes, I know it's wishful thinking. But a girl's gotta have dreams. LOL

What are your resolutions for your child(ren)?


  1. I can only image Zaria's facial expression and response after reading this blog post. Number eight is my favorite. What a creative and sweet way to get Zaria to see things through your eyes. Reading this put a smile on my face. I think I will try this approach with my significant other, hmmmm. :)

    1. Sandy,
      She never lets me sleep with her anymore. She's says she's too old for that. I sleept with my mom well into my 20's. LOL.

  2. Too funny and so true!! Especially #10!

    1. Talia,
      Zaria thinks money grows on trees. Every weekend she wants to do mall crawls and she wants to go out every weekend. She just 14. Wonder what this will look like at 16 and 17.