Friday, October 2, 2009

Third Grade is Hard

I am in the 3rd grade now. It is hard. I'm doing good. I haven't gotten any bad grades yet but I have lots of homework. Yesterday, I had homework in Vocabulary, Science and Music. My mommy told me 3rd grade would get more challenging. Oh yeah, my mommy even told my teacher that she wanted her to give me more challenging spelling words. I think I hate that word----challenging. I'm a little nervous because I have 3 tests today. We're practicing for the MEAP test, too. I heard that this is a very important test.

My mommy told me that writing this blog would help me with my vocabulary. She said it would help me write paragraphs and learn about topics and stuff. I'm learning where to put commas, too. It helps that my mom is an author.

If any kids read this I wish they would tell me what they like or don't like about 3rd grade.


  1. Hi, Princess Zaria,

    You're a good writer. I enjoyed reading about what's going on in school for you. I'll check back another time and find out what new things you will write about.


  2. Hi Princess Zaria, I'm thrilled you came by my blog the other day. I have a third grade girl as well. Third grade is a step up from second grade, but it looks like you are doing a great job. Not only is the work harder, but my little pumpkin is trying to figure out what to wear that's cool and how to act. She will figure it out and so will you. I love the idea of a Mommy/daughter blog, what a great idea. Good luck. Mamma Look

  3. Princess Zaria,

    I'm so proud of you! Not only do you have loads of home work from school to complete but, you've taken some of your extra time to blog. You are a great example for others. Positive, hard working and a goal getter :o)

    Just remember when you get nervous take 10 deep breaths. Also, repeat some affirmations to yourself: I am smart, I am a winner and I get good grades. The word affirmation may be a little challenging but I'm sure you've come a cross it. Affirmations are positive words you repeat to help you feel good about yourself.

    Great Job Princess Zaria! I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    Ms. Sandy

  4. Thank you Ms. Sandy. I'm touched from your paragraph. I'm happy you like my paragraph that I wrote. Thank you, Zaria

  5. Dear Princess Zaria,

    I am in 3rd grade too. At first I thought 3rd grade was hard to me. Now I think 3rd grade is easy. Do you know why? Because I study and if you study you will not complain at all.


    Tomeara Age 8