Monday, October 5, 2009

A Very Proud Day

"I am very pleased to announce....." were the words that accompanied the letter that said Zaria was selected for her school's choir. Last year, Zaria was not selected. I think she purposely tried to fail the audition. See, Zaria is very shy but I'm trying to break her of that. Her dad told her that she should give it her best shot, so she did. I mean, she's always singing and dancing around the house. She sings all kinds of songs, even Rock n Roll!

Zaria's favorite(adult video) is Dreamgirls. She knows all of the parts and even tries to sing in two and 3 part harmony( that's very difficult for one person. Almost impossible!) I am so proud of Princess Zaria. So proud that tomorrow we will celebrate with cake and icecream. Zaria's favorite is chocolate icecream with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, Did I say she likes chocolate:) ?

The first performance is the holiday program. I can't wait. What was one of your proudest moments as a parent?


  1. That's so wonderful! Congrats to her!
    My daughter is shy as well. I know that she wants to be more involved in things (she's 3) but it takes a while to warm up. Good for your princess that she found something she loves so!

  2. This post makes me all teary! Singing in chorus is what has helped bring my daughter out of her shell, too. This is her fifth year singing, and I'm blown away watching her confidence today.

  3. Kasey,
    That's good your little one is starting early. She may not be as shy when she get's older. It's so funny, I remember when Zaria was 3 and an Elmo fanatic!

  4. Wow, Single Mom Seeking

    Five years? She has to love it. I hope Zaria continues. She said that her first day at practice was mostly voice training. They sung the vowels AEIOUUUUUUU. LOL