Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Has Changed or has it?

Do you remember Halloween in the late 70's early 80's? We used to have real big fun. Do you remember bobbing for apples? And all that candy. We didn't have to go to the police station and have it scanned. We knew our neighbors and our neighborhood. When we couldn't afford costumes , our parents used make-up and we weren't teased. We had nice costumes and scary ones, too.

Fast forward to 2009....

Last year a child got shot trick or treating. This week when I went costume shopping, many of the costumes were too grown for my daughter. There were naughty nurses, freaky fairy's and not to mention unlawful officers. What's a mom to do?

Share with me what your take is on the present state of Halloween.


  1. I know most kids love the idea of Halloween; the dressing up, getting free candy and trying to eat as much of it as they can. But I think it has become too dangerous for them and even adults. Everyone's a stranger when in full costume. Some of the negative things can be controlled by having safe parties at home or places such as recreation centers but all it takes is one crazy individual to ruin the fun. There is really no point to having a day that has morphed into one dedicated to scaring folk and getting free candy. The origins of "All Hallow's Eve" aren't too cool for many folk either.
    As Nia, in my novel The Magic Pencil says "Children shouldn't have to fear treats." She and Malcolm attend a celebration for Ancestors' Night instead.

  2. I remember that part in your book, Ms. Karen. I liked that but I really like dressing up in colrful costumes. This year I will be a sugar plum fairy. My nom has to find a fairy costume that will fit me and not look to grown. LOL