Friday, October 9, 2009

She's So Sensitive

We haven't blogged in a few days but after last night I had to tell somebody. My daughter, Zaria, is so sensitive and emotional. I'll tell you what happened last night in a moment.

A few months ago while over her grandparents, Zaria witnessed one of the kids get a leg caught in the couch. (it happened to me before when I was younger and probably many others). Well, Zaria was so upset. I think she thought the little girl would break her leg or something. As the girl calmly struggled, Zaria violently cried. Even after the child was 'free' , Zaria could not be consoled for over an hour.

Another instance.... My husband got pulled over by the police(while driving black) in Dearborn. Zaria was with him (they had been shopping for a dress for the Father/Daughter Dance.) Just the thought of them possibly taking my husband away to jail sent her into hysterics. The police felt so bad that they apologized, profusely, to Zaria.

There are others but finally the reason for the post:
Last night Zaria went skating almost straight from school. Before leaving for the rink, she left her bookbag at my in-laws house. Suffice to say, from all the excitement she forgot it. Well, after she gets home and realizes what she had done it was as if the world was coming to an end.
Mama: " Did you fall and hurt yourself, Zaria?"
Zaria:"Yeah, sniff sniff but that's not it."
Mama: "Did anyone hurt you or was anyone mean?"
Zaria: While bauling, "No."
Mama: Did they not want to play with you because you're just learning?
Zaria: "NO. THAT'S NOT IT?
Mama: Well, Zaria what's wrong why are you crying? I can't understand between your screams. Calm down and tell me what happened?"

Now this is the kicker....

Zaria: "I left my bookbag over Nana and Papa's house. My homework was in it. Now I'm gonna fail 4th grade! Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Can you believe it? Share your kid's sensitive moment if any.


  1. My oldest is like that too. i keep hoping she'll become less sensitive as she gets older.

  2. I was very sensitive too, maybe not THAT sensitive, lol, but I cried very easily. She is a true princess! :)

  3. I'm having flashbacks. I used to be the exact same way! If I had to stay home sick, I'd throw the biggest tantrum...EVER! If I got a grade lower than an A, I'd cry.

  4. Well Sheena,
    I guess I don't feel so bad now that I know it's not uncommon for a child to act that way. I'm sure you grew out of it. Right?

  5. @blogger for hire Zaria is outgrowing it a little. She doesn't cry at the drop of a hat anymore :)